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Traditionally, “giving tzedakah” means “doing the right thing.” Tzedakah is not limited to gifts of money. Sharing time, expertise, or even a kind smile are all forms of charity.

70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry supports Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) mission to “discover, preserve, and share the Land of Israel’s archaeological heritage,” by proudly “adopting a scroll.”

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IAA Dead Sea Scrolls work conserves, digitizes and studies more than 25,000 fragments of parchment and papyrus written 2000 years ago including The Temple Scroll, which deals with the structural details of the Temple and its rituals: “They shall not profane the city where I abide, for I, the Lord, abide amongst the children of Israel for ever and ever” (Temple Scroll XLV: 13–14).

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70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry helps Jewish organizations develop unique and engaging DIY Judaica based fundraising programs. Spark engagement, build community and raise funds while crafting meaningful Jewish jewelry. All inquiries welcome and custom collaborations available. Click here for more information.

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