L’CHAIM Bracelet


70 FACETS™ original design L’CHAIM Bracelet. “To life!” The Torah is likened to wine. In Hebrew numerology, or Gematria, the numerical value of yayin (wine) is seventy, as there are “shivim panim la’Torah” (seventy facets/sides of Torah). Bamidmar Rabbah 12

Sophisticated vintage rose wine hued bracelet of sueded gold blackened Czech glass pearls (6mm) showcase charm duet of 3D mini Sabbath wine goblet and bottle of kosher wine in lead-free antiqued pewter. Grapes and leaves elegantly drape the sides of goblet (18mm x 11mm) and “kosher” is engraved on Manischewitz shaped bottle of wine (23mm x 5mm).

70 FACETS™ original design L’CHAIM Bracelet is ready-to-gift, enveloped in Israeli flag inspired keepsake mini jewelry box with white suede interior and sky blue snap closure. One size fits most bracelet is hand beaded in the U.S.A. on high performance elastic for a slight stretch to easily roll on and off wrist.

70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry handcrafts Torah infused Jewish Jewelry. Studio artist designed Judaica jewelry and Judaism inspired gemstone, sterling and gold necklaces, bracelets and earrings celebrate Jewish holidays and rituals. Ready-to-wear 70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry for men and women, Israeli themed gift packaging for special occasions and craft-it-yourself DIY Jewish Jewelry & Inspiration kits. https://70facets.com


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