FEATHER Necklace


70 FACETS™ original design FEATHER Necklace honors the expert pious scribes, or Sofers, who follow intricately detailed calligraphic specifications to carefully ink each letter of a Torah scroll with feather quill pens in prescribed black on ivory parchment formed by hand.

Torah inspiration is close to heart with this one-of-a-kind FEATHER Necklace of stunning textured matte gold finish feather pendant (21mm x 56mm) dramatically centered on 100% recycled silk sari ivory 36” ribbon from India with block printed black feather design. Glittering Czech Glass white and crystal gold lined fire polished beads finish 70 FACETS™ FEATHER Necklace with flair.

70 FACETS™ original design FEATHER Necklace is ready-to-gift, enveloped in Israeli flag inspired keepsake mini jewelry box with white suede interior and sky blue snap closure.


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