ETROG Bracelet


70 FACETS™ original design ETROG Bracelet shines with citron brilliance reflecting the unique beauty of a treasured etrog species, fruit of the goodly tree (Leviticus 23:40). The etrog, it is said, has the virtues of a good taste and a good smell, and is likened to knowing the Torah and doing good deeds. Symbolizing the heart, it evokes understanding and wisdom.

Wear 70 FACETS™ crafted in the U.S.A. ETROG Bracelet as your own personal treasured symbolic etrog to cherish close for the seven days of Sukkot and beyond. A lovingly casted mini 3D “dimpled” golden etrog charm (15mm x 10mm) in 24K gold plate lead-free pewter drapes luxuriously off a glamourous 24K antique gold plate lead-free pewter classic charm bracelet with toggle clasp.

70 FACETS™ striking ETROG Bracelet is ready-to-gift, enveloped in Israeli flag inspired keepsake mini jewelry box with white suede interior and sky blue snap closure. At 7.125″ total length, ETROG Bracelet fits small and medium sized women’s wrists comfortably.


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