APPLES and HONEY Bracelet


70 FACETS™ original design APPLES & HONEY Bracelet harkens the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashana tradition of eating a sweet apple dipped into honey with the blessing: Ye-hi ratzon she-ti-cha-desh alei-nu shanah tovah u-metu-kah—“May it be Your will to renew for us a good and sweet year.”

Wear the luscious 70 FACETS™ handcrafted APPLES & HONEY Bracelet for year round “sweetness.” Authentic ruby red agate gemstone beads (8mm) showcase 24K gold plate lead free pewter 3D honey pot charm (18mm x 13mm) “dripping” sweet golden nectar.

70 FACETS™ one-of-a-kind APPLES & HONEY Bracelet is ready-to-gift, enveloped in Israeli flag inspired keepsake mini jewelry box with white suede interior and sky blue snap closure. One size fits most bracelet is hand beaded in the U.S.A. on high performance elastic for a slight stretch to easily roll on and off wrist.


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