Hanukkah Menorah in the Window

The Hanukkah Menorah, a nine-flame candelabra, is kindled and placed in a window so its brilliant flames serve as beacon to all passersby that darkness can be dispelled with wisdom, obscurity can be illuminated with truth. The dreidel is a four-sided spinnable top with a Hebrew letter on each of its sides: nun, gimel, hei, and shin, which create an acronym for the Hebrew phrase “nes gadol hayah sham,” a great miracle occurred there.Menorah in the window

70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry HANUKKAH Duet of Menorah in the Window Necklace and Spinning Dreidel Bracelet harkens the calling to be a “Light Onto the Nations” and commemorates the annual eight day celebration of the rededication of the Holy Temple.

Hanukkah marks the miraculous victory of a small band of Jewish freedom fighters who liberated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem more than 2000 years ago. The victorious Jewish armies found a small jar of pure olive oil with which to kindle the lamp that always burned there. Miraculously, the oil—which was enough for just one day—burned for eight days, the time it took to bring fresh supplies. The Macabees did not dwell on the fact that they were being oppressed and persecuted. They focused on the Gimmel that was on the other side of the Shin. And then they acted to create a vehicle for a Divine miracle.

It is vital to remember that whatever letter we seem to be getting at a particular point in life, it’s all part of one Dreidel. And that Dreidel is telling us that miracles happen. We can transform the dark situations of life into the bright light of the Chanukah Menorah.

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