Celebrate Jewish Women

Celebrate Jewish Women

March is Women’s History Month. Let’s celebrate Jewish women.

Jewish history has been full of strong, dynamic and powerful women. From Miriam the prophetess, to Deborah the Judge, to Queen Esther in biblical times and from Hannah Senesh, Henrietta Szold and Golda Meir in more modern history; women have played a profound role in charting the course of Jewish destiny and are inspirational leadership role models.

Miriam the prophetess: decisive decision maker. Deborah the Judge: wise counsel. Queen Esther: courageous and brave. Hannah Senesh: pioneer and risk taker. Henrietta Szold: learned visionary. Golda Meir: confidence and determination.

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Queen Esther, the heroine of the Purim story, is widely regarded as one of the greatest Jewish women in history, inspiring all to believe in our hidden powers, embrace destiny and let inner beauty shine. 70 FACETS™ Queen Esther bracelet of royal amethyst hued (6mm) beads showcases stunning 3D mini crown of 14K gold plate lead-free pewter (14mm x 18mm).

Three-pointed hamantashen cookies with fillings hidden inside allude to the hidden nature of the Purim miracle. Luscious 70 FACETS™ Hamantash Necklace is a glittering rendition of the traditional holiday treat. Realistic 3D sculpted mini hamentash charm of 14K gold plate lead-free pewter (14mm x 13mm) hangs elegantly on adjustable length dainty gold-plated brass chain.

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