70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry

Inspire Yourself With Art Judaica

The 70 facets of Torah teachings transform hand forged designer jewelry into personal vessels of spirituality worn close to heart.

70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry

Choose your Jewish Jewelry & Inspiration Adventure!

Signature Collection (for Women and Men)

Torah infused art jewelry. Original design genuine gemstone and precious metal personal adornments creatively interpret 5782 years of shared Jewish narrative. Ready-to-wear and gift in deluxe Israeli flag inspired keepsake mini jewelry boxes.

DIY Jewelry Kits (Workshops & Parties)

Handcraft designer Judaica! Custom DIY kits supply all the gemstones and materials you’ll need to create your own signature piece. Step-by-step instructions and Torah wisdom included for at-home Jewish jewelry and inspiration. Craft in community with DIY Jewelry Workshops and Parties.

Collaborations (Synagogues and Judaica Boutiques)

The essence of 70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry is collaboration with the Jewish community. Partnership opportunities include wholesale collections, co-branded DIY Judaica events, custom presentations on the divine nature of gems and jewelry and Tzedakah fundraising programs.

70 FACETS™ founder, Donna Bogatin
Next year in Jerusalem

Get Spiritually Adorned today!

chag sameach

Chag Sameach

70 FACETS™ Elegant Purim silk necklace grogger with real bells to ring out Haman in-style.

festive meals

Festive Meals

70 FACETS™ Luscious sufganiyot Czech glass “donut” bead bracelet with “tasty” latke charm.



70 FACETS™ Stirring Choshen twelve paths Swarovski crystal and golden pearl bracelet.



70 FACETS™ Powerful 24K amulet keychain to channel mystical Tree of Life sefirot energies.

Community love for 70 FACETS™!

“Donna’s designs really capture the essence of spirituality. They are a both delight to give and a pleasure to receive!”
Dr. Joy M.

“You'll not only be making beautiful jewelry in Donna's class, but your experience will be enhanced with tie-ins to Jewish holidays and history. You'll leave with something you learned and something to enjoy!”
Charna P.

rabbi ari sollish

"It’s not just jewelry making, it’s a completely innovative platform for Jewish study, meditation and pride."

- Rabbi Ari Sollish, Intown Jewish Academy

flickering candle unscreen
Beads Strung
flickering candle unscreen
Community Partnerships
Making an impact!

Hands-on, wearable Judaism. Unique and fabulous.

kiddush cup
flickering candle unscreen
Torah Teachings
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Crafters Inspired
jewelry commisions

Jewelry Commissions

Each rendering of 70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry tells its own story. Commissioning a custom design gives you the opportunity to express yours.

community workshops

Community Workshops

70 FACETS™ DIY Jewish Jewelry & Inspiration brings together tradition, culture, art, and fashion in a way that is completely accessible and engaging to all.

tzedakah programs

Tzedakah Programs

70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry supports Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority and develops Judaica based fundraising campaigns for organizations.

"Precious jewels fell with mana from heaven in the desert, the ten commandments were engraved upon sapphire tablets, the Torah obligates adorning spouse with jewelry."
70 FACETS™ founder, Donna Bogatin
Donna Bogatin
Founder, 70 FACETS™ Spiritual Jewelry
70Facets™ Spiritual Jewelry

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